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# PolyJam - Global Game Jam 2011 in Warsaw

Jan 2011

Global Game Jam is a worldwide initiative to organize a 48-hour game development competition in many different locations, at the same time. For more information, read the extensive GGJ Wiki. This year it takes place on January 28-30. In Poland there are even 3 registered places. KrakJam takes place at AGH University in Kraków. It is organized second time, by Koshmaar and the "Shader" scientific group.

For the first time the competition will also be held in Warsaw. It's called PolyJam and it's organized by "Polygon" scientific group at Warsaw University of Technology. Here is the list of PolyJam jammers. I invite everyone who is interested in game development (not only programming, but also graphics, sound, game design and other disciplines) to register.

I'm going to participate, yet I'm not quite sure how the atmosphere of such event looks like. What's the best approach to creating games at such competitions? Is it making a simple 2D game from scratch using some simple C++ framework, using some middleware like Unity, or maybe developing a web game in JavaScript of Flash?

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