March 2013

Warning! Some information on this page is older than 5 years now. I keep it for reference, but it probably doesn't reflect my current knowledge and beliefs.

# Handling Multiple Mice with Raw Input

Mar 2013

When you connect second USB mouse to your computer, you don't have second cursor to move on the screen and click on things. Instead you can move and click the single cursor with both mice. What if you want to distinguish messages from multiple mice in your program? I found the solution here. I downloaded and looked at the source code of linked from this page.

Handling multiple mice is possible using part of WinAPI called Raw Input. If you have <Windows.h> included, have your WinAPI window and message loop, you only need to initialize Raw Input like this:

device.usUsagePage = 0x01;
device.usUsage = 0x02;
device.dwFlags = 0;
device.hwndTarget = 0;
RegisterRawInputDevices(&device, 1, sizeof device);

You then start to receive WM_INPUT message, which should be handled this way:

case WM_INPUT:
  // Must call DefWindowProc!

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# Aero2 - Free Internet in Poland

Mar 2013

Did you know that in Poland there is free access to the Internet available for everyone? It's called Aero2 and it works through 3G. To use it, all you need to do is:

1. You need a 3G modem. Not every modem works though. List of compatible modems is here: Aero2 – zestawienie zgodnych modemów. I have ZTE MF821. It costs about 200 PLN.

2. You need to pay 20 PLN. It's a deposit and it will be returned if you return your SIM card.

3. You need to fill in the order form and send it, along with printed confirmation of transfer of your deposit and copy of your identity card, to the address shown on their website.

4. After about one month they will send you SIM card. Of course you cannot make phone calls with this card - it is only for data transfer.

5. Enter connection parameters:
APN: "darmowy"
Username and password: empty
IP and DNS addresses: automatic

6. You have free Internet :) It's not very fast and will disconnect you every hour, but still usable for browsing websites. I think it may be useful when you travel e.g. in train or after you move to new house and don't have new Internet connection yet. So if it's so cheap to get it, why not give it a try?

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# 10th Polish Game Engineering Conference IGK2013

Mar 2013

5-7 April 2013 the 10th Polish Game Engineering Conference - X jubileuszowa Ogólnopolska Konferencja Inżynierii Gier Komputerowych IGK2013 will take place at Uniwersytet Przyrodniczo-Humanistyczny in Siedlce, Poland. There is still time to register until March 24th.

The agenda doesn't look very impressive, but I'm sure there will be a good vibe as always when people from from all over the country come together. So me and Krzysiek K. are coming there. Xion will be there as well despite he now lives in Zürich, Switzerland.

Besides talks, there will be also a quiz. Everyone on the conference will have a chance to participate and test his knowledge about game development. Everyone except us because we make the questions :) I can reveal that this time my part of questions will be less about hardcore programming details and more about latest games and news from the gamedev industry.

And of course on Sunday there will be game development competition where teams will have to develop a game in 8 hours. So I'm sure there will be lots of fun :)

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