Demo for RiverWash 2010

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Aug 2010

I code a demo for RiverWash 2010 demoscene party. I had a lot of doubt on this, but the more is done, the more I feel convinced I'm going to show it on the party, despite I know it's not of the highest quality, both because no super-advanced technology is involved and because I made all the graphics myself :) It will be my first demo made for such competition. All in all I'm more from Warsztat than demoscene community. Still I like the scenish atmosphere and after each big party, like Assembly or Breakpoint, I download and watch the productions. I've also been at the RiverWash last year and I had a lot of fun there.

I probably shouldn't show my demo before the party, so I'll do something inspired by what my former employers did on the website of their new game development studio - 11 bit studios - I'll show only small parts of some screenshots :)

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