Riverwash 2010 Starts Today

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Sep 2010

I was offline in recent days because I've been moving to another flat, but I'm already online now and I slowly catch up on news, like the new Steam Hardware & Software Survey: August 2010. There has been another international demoscene party recently - Evoke 2010 (August 27-29, 2010, Cologne, Germany). I suppose it is worth seeing productions from the competitions.

Today the biggest democene party in Poland starts - Riverwash. It will take place in Warsaw, so I don't have to travel far. That's why I'm going to go there desipte I'm a little sick. I just won't drink so much as I would :) I'm going to submit my production for a compo in Newschool Demo category. I didn't have enough time to polish it and I only hope there won't be any technical problems with GPU compatibility or something. Code and graphics of the demo is made by me and is inspired by psychodelic trance music. Music is made by Count.

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