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Sep 2010

Last weekend I've been in Poznań on Allegro Party -  party for users of - online auctions website. But we went there with my friends from the demoscene not only because we trade stuff online, but as organizers, as one of the highlights of the event were classic computers like Amiga or Commodore, ready to play good old games. Here are my photos from the event.

NEW: Some more information about this party (in Polish) can be found here:

Now I try to catch up with news on my Twitter and on the blogs I follow. One of these news in GPU Technology Conference by NVIDIA, which took place Sep 20-24, 2010 in San Jose, USA. Much interesting new graphics and HPC-related hardware and software have been shown there. Many coverages can be found over the Internet, like this one. What attracted my attention the most is a plenoptic lens technology presented by Adobe (I recommend the video at the bottom of this page). Their camera is equipped with a matrix of many small lenses, giving kind of a 4D image. It can be then processed to a single photo with software-controlled depth of field. There are also more than a hundred posters presented on the conference, available for download here. Posters is a nice form for presenting research results because it's short and attractive.

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